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Gift of mobility to Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras, Selangor

2 May 2023

As part of its corporate social responsibilities initiatives, Da Ma Cai through its Staff-in-the-Community programme visited Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor (PIICS).

During the short visit, the team Da Ma Cai staff volunteers were welcomed by a big crowd of the residents of PIICs. The joyous faces of the residents immediately lit up when they were treated to entertaining magic shows and games. They then enjoyed a sumptuous meal followed by cake as part of the birthday celebration for two of the residents. It was surely a special day for them.

As a contribution to PIICS, two medical rollators were presented to PIICS, together with some much-needed grocery items such as rice and diapers.

“These medical rollators come in very handy, as some of them are not able to stand up on their own. It is especially practical for residents who can walk but need a little help with balance and stability. It would make the task of showering them and moving them around much more convenient for the staff”, said Kelvin Goh, Vice Secretary of PIICS.

“We enjoyed many privileges that we have come to take for granted such as mobility. Many individuals especially the disabled communities have no access to this luxury. It is heartwarming that we are able to assist the vulnerable group at PIICS by easing their movability. We encourage the public to join us in providing the less fortunate with the gift of mobility to allow more freedom in their daily lives as much as possible.” Da Ma Cai spokesperson told.

Established in 2009, PIICS was founded to provide professional care, rehabilitation, and training for underprivileged individuals with mental and physical disabilities. It aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for these underprivileged individuals, so that they can achieve their full potential and live fulfilling lives. At the moment, PIICS is taking care of 43 underprivileged aged between 7 to 49.

PIICS relies significantly on contributions from the public to sustain its operations and expenses. If you would like to contribute to Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras, Selangor, please get in touch with Mr. Kelvin Goh, Vice Secretary of PIICS at 017-633 9887.

Da Ma Cai is a brand of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd (“PMP”), Malaysia’s authorised numbers forecast operator. On an annual basis, Da Ma Cai actively supports various causes in the areas of education and social welfare through a wide range of programmes and activities carried out in the country. Following the acquisition of PMP by Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“JPM”), all of PMP’s net dividends that JPM receives will be donated to The Community Chest. With this structure, Da Ma Cai has effectively been transformed from a for-profit organisation into a social business, providing long term donations to The Community Chest for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

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