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Da Ma Cai Annual Community Aid Programme Donate RM1 million to 80 charitable organisations

Kwong Wah Daily, p.B3 (3 February 2023)

Chinese New Year is the perfect time of the year to share the love and giving back to those less fortunate. Da Ma
Cai kick-started the year with its RM1,000,000 Annual Community Aid Charity Programme that provides financial
assistance to 80 charitable organisations.

The official launch of this Programme took place at one of the beneficiary organisations, Ti-Ratana Welfare
Society, with presentation ceremony to beneficiary organisations located in the Klang Valley and Pahang.

“This nationwide programme is an initiative that aims to support sustainable development in communities across
the country. Partnership is key to achieve such sustainable development goals. We encourage charitable
organisations to come together to share experiences, tackle common issues such as manpower and rising cost.
With this, they are able to mobilise both existing and additional resources in taking effective solutions that
could address the challenges. Through such collaborations, charity organisations particularly smaller ones can
create an impactful outcome that is greater than what they could have achieved on their own,” said Managing
Director of Da Ma Cai, Dato’ Sri Tan Kong Han.

“As Buddhist, we focused on finding peace and happiness through love and compassion. It emphasizes giving to
others and it is open for everyone who wishes to contribute in any way they can, through donations or
volunteering their time and services. By being kind to others and ourselves, we can create a more peaceful world.”
Founder and advisor of Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, The Most Venerable Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana reiterated
during his speech.

A total of 30 charity bodies from Klang Valley received donations amounting to RM380,000 and 4 organisations in
Pahang received a total of RM40,000 during the event. For the Northern Region, 24 charitable organisations
located in Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak will be getting financial aid worth a total of RM300,000. As for the
Southern Region, 22 charity homes in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor will be receiving RM280,000 in total.
Presentation ceremonies will be held at the Northern and Southern Regions to give

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