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Manager wins Da Ma Cai 3+3D Bonus and took home RM4.31mil

Sin Chew Daily, P.15 (10 May 2019)

Lady luck smiled on a marketing manager when he won the Da Ma Cai 3+3D Third Prize Bonus, and took home RM4,314,472. This winning is the biggest 3+3D Bonus prize payout for the year.

The lucky winner shared that the winning combination of 271 897 + Horse is part of a System Bet Lucky Pick bet that he bought through dmcGO. Da Ma Cai spokesperson said, “System Bet is a great way to win the Jackpot or Bonus prize. Recently, several jackpot winners won their jackpot prize by way of System Bet, with the latest winners being two cousin sisters from Selangor sharing the RM8.11 million prize money.

The delighted winner told that he turned on his dmcGO app around midnight after seeing the winning notification, only to found out that he has over RM4 million balance in his account.

“I was dazed for 15 minutes until I realized I had won the 3+3D Bonus. I share the news with my wife and we ended up sleepless the whole night.”

Da Ma Cai spokesperson said dmcGO is Da Ma Cai’s mobile betting channel. The channel provides ease for user to place bet, check result and claim their prize.

“I find the app very easy to use. It is as it promised, everything is at the tip of your fingers,” commented the winner. He said that he has been using dmcGO to place bet with Da Ma Cai ever since the app was launched.

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