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dmcGO mobile betting app

New Life Post - Advertorial, P.09 (29 March 2017)

Most office workers missed the opportunity to buy numbers at Da Ma Cai’s outlets due to their 9 to 5 working hours. As technology advanced, they can now use the mobile app – dmcGO, to place bets easily anytime anywhere and avoid the hassle of queuing. They no longer miss out the opportunity to prosper with just a touch of a finger.

A tap to prosperity anytime anywhere

With advancement of technology and the availability of mobile phone, God of Fortune would still come knocking on your door even you are in the comfort of your own home.

This is exactly what happened! A friend who seldom places bets told us that he had won the first prize.

We were all curious to find out how he won. He told us that while he was traveling through the rural area, he chanced upon a monitor lizard crossing the road. He had a strong feeling that he should buy the numbers that represented a monitor lizard. But he is currently in a rural area and not sure what to do next.

He then recalled that Da Ma Cai had recently introduced an alternative betting channel, whereby one can buy numbers on-the-go using their dmcGO mobile betting application. With this touch, he bagged the windfall.

With virtual ticket, no more worries on misplaced ticket!

The use of smartphones and mobile apps in Malaysia are on the rise. Mobile users in Malaysia tend to use more of these applications in their daily life. Hence, Da Ma Cai had pioneered the country’s first mobile betting channel - dmcGO. This revolutionary and convenient betting channel offers an alternative option for customers to buy their numbers, allowing them to play Da Ma Cai games with their fingers!

Buying ones’ favourite number is just one of the conveniences; the other features include option to play all Da Ma Cai games such as Jackpot, System Bet and advance bets up to 6 draws.

With these features, installation of dmcGO will not let any winning chances slip pass, just like the earlier mentioned friend. Buying numbers is now at your fingertips regardless of the time and place you are in. For example, when inspiration strikes during wee hour, you can convert the dreams, incidents and inspirations into the lucky numbers and submit the bets instantly. And when you win, the app will notify you of your winnings. Being forgetful is no longer a concern.

Besides, you no longer worry about misplacing your physical tickets. Moreover, the app also allows you to look up your betting history.

Customised lucky numbers

If you are feeling lucky but have no idea what numbers to buy, dmcGO will be your Feng Shui master. Lucky numbers are customised on daily basis according to your birth date and zodiac.

On draw days, you can also log in to dmcGO app to watch the live draw for the latest results. Past results are also available for your reference.

Upon winning, the prize money will be credited to your dmcGO account automatically; you no longer worry about forgetting to claim the prize money.

If you have a list of favourite numbers; for example, there are 20 sets of numbers that you buy on regular basis, you can utilise the ‘Favourite’ feature to store the list of numbers. This will allows you to buy the same set of numbers again with just a tap.

Da Ma Cai also offers the following top-up methods for customers’ convenience:

• Online Bank Transfer – fast and secured electronic fund transfer to dmcGO account.

• Buy and Pay – just select your numbers and pay instantly through online banking.

• Da Ma Cai outlets – top up with cash at any Da Ma Cai outlets.

With the convenience of this app, getting a windfall is just around the corner.

For more information, please call the helpdesk: 03-2333 2000 or visit www.dmcGO.com.my

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