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Won This Year’s First Da Ma Cai Jackpot, Construction worker becomes millionaire

Guang Ming Daily - National, P.A5 (12 January 2017)

With the lucky combination of “2077” and “7349”, a construction worker from Johor won the first Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot  for 2017, which amounts to a total of RM13,511,143.

The lucky winner in his thirties said that he was using Da Ma Cai new dmcGO mobile application to check the results. He was very excited when he saw his number “7349” drawn as the third prize winning number.

He said he couldn’t believe his own eyes when the first prize winning number “2077” was subsequently drawn. He said he kept refreshing the mobile app just to make sure that both numbers are really drawn, and it was really true that he have won the jackpot.

“I’m still a bit amazed that I’m a millionaire now. I’m not sure how I’ll use the money yet, probably get a property, travel, I don’t know,” he said.

Da Ma Cai spokesperson added that the dmcGO is a new mobile betting application. The mobile application is a revolutionary mobile betting channel that offers an alternative betting option, to the convenience of the punters, while elevating their gaming experience with Da Ma Cai.

He said that convenience is everything these days and being able to play Da Ma Cai games from the phone is something that punters never dreamt was possible years ago. Punters could also view and check their draw results in the evening, just like our lucky jackpot winner.

On the same day, a 30 year-old man in Kuala Lumpur also won the Da Ma Cai 1+3D jackpot 2 of over RM515,000 with the lucky combination of “2077” and “9292”.

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