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Lucky Winner from Johor Won Da Ma Cai RM16.8 Million Jackpot

Kwong Wah Yit Poh – National, P. A23 ( 1 April 2016 )

A production supervisor from Johor won Da Ma Cai Jackpot prize worth RM16.8million with a hunch.

The lucky winner could not contain his joy when he told Da Ma Cai spokesperson that Da Ma Cai made him a multi-millionaire overnight on that special Sunday.

The man in his 40s felt good last Sunday on 27 March 2016 and had a hunch on something extraordinary would happen to him.

He made it a point to visit his favourite Da Ma Cai outlet to buy his usual 1+3D Jackpot System Bet ticket by combining his car and motorcycles’ number plates, with his wife’s birth date.

“While writing those numbers that I have been consistently buying, a hunch told me to buy the building lot number of my working place. I instinctively added that particular number into my usual combination.”

He continued, the combination of the building lot and his motorcycle number he bought landed him an unexpected windfall, striking the Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot, winning a total of RM16,856,269.70.

The happy winner, who commutes daily to work in Singapore plans to buy a property in the new Iskandar Puteri district. He also plans to save up his new found fortune for his family and contribute to charitable causes.

The Da Ma Cai spokesperson added, “We still have another big Jackpot awaiting a lucky winner. The DMC Jackpot has a prize of over RM4.5 million presently, and the amount is growing by the day!”

Da Ma Cai is a brand of PMP, Malaysia’s authorised numbers forecast operator. On an annual basis, Da Ma Cai actively supports various causes in the areas of education, social welfare and public health.

Following the acquisition of PMP by Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“JPM”), all of PMP’s net dividends that JPM receives will be donated to The Community Chest.

With this structure, Da Ma Cai has effectively been transformed from a for-profit organization into a social business, providing long term donations to The Community Chest for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

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