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First Birthdate (19th day of Second Month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

Goddess of Mercy was first described in the Lotus Sutra in the 5th century by Gautama Buddha. She was originally born a xian (holy spirit) reincarnated as a Human to help mankind.

It was told that she had the power to assume whatever form, whenever necessary to alleviate suffering, and to convey sympathy and compassion. She became a saint after her death, and was given the name of Guan Yin by her worshippers. It is said that anyone praying to the Goddess of Mercy would be cured of all illnesses.

FESTIVE NUMBERS 1+3D 5807 , 8807
3D 324 , 219

Second Birthdate (19th day of sixth month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

This is the second birthdate to commemorate the granting of Bodhisattva status on Guan Yin which she has delayed her full Buddhahood in order to help lessen the sufferings of humans. People who have problems (especially females) would go to her and pray for relief of sufferings, peace, good marriage and happiness.

FESTIVE NUMBERS 1+3D 5828 , 8828
3D 217 , 720

Third Birthdate (19th day of ninth month of Chinese Lunar Calendar)

Third birthdate of Guan Yin is to commemorate Guan Yin's departure from earth and becoming a Bodhisattva.

FESTIVE NUMBERS 1+3D 5362 , 8919
3D 362 , 919
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