18 Mar 2018 (Sun) - The 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM708,777.30 has been won on System Bets in Perak, Johor and Pahang.

Rules of the Game

A minimum pool of RM600,000 or any such amount determined by the Company will be allocated as the Jackpot pool.

In the event there is no winner for a particular 3D Jackpot Game draw, an amount equivalent to 20% of the Prize Pool (known as “snowballed amount”) shall be added into the minimum Jackpot prize money of RM600,000 for the next immediate 3D Jackpot Game draw; and if there is no winner for the next immediate 3D Jackpot Game draw, the snowballed amount from the previous draw will be brought forward to the next immediate 3D Jackpot Game draw. The Prize Pool is 55% of the Total Stake Collection, which is the amount of bets made on each draw.

Each winning is entitled to claim on Prize Category only, i.e. the highest Prize Category.

If there is more than one winner for the Jackpot, the Jackpot prize will then be divided amongst the winners based solely on the bet amounts of their respective winning bets. Each unit bet of RM2 is entitled to one share of the Jackpot prize.


There are two winners with the following winning bets:

Winner A has a winning bet of RM4
Winner B has a winning bet of RM2

Winner A will win 4/6 or 2/3 of the Jackpot prize whilst winner B will win 2/6 or 1/3 of the Jackpot prize.

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