18 Mar 2018 (Sun) - The 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM708,777.30 has been won on System Bets in Perak, Johor and Pahang.

How to Play 3D Game

To play 3D game, choose your favourite or lucky 3-digit numbers from 000 to 999.

Then decide on your bet type i.e. "ABC" (Big) or "A" (Small); or you can play both.

"ABC" (Big) offers three winning numbers for you to match i.e. 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize.

"A" (Small) offers higher winning prize but there is only one winning number to match i.e. 1st Prize.

Finally, decide on your bet amount for each chosen number. The minimum bet amount for a 3D number is RM1.

3D winning numbers are based on the last three digits of the 1+3D winning numbers.

Game Info

Straight Bet

Simply select any 3D number from 000 – 999 or you can have a selection of your favourite 3D numbers and play Straight Bet as follows.

Numbers ABC (RM) A (RM)
128 5 3
211 5 3
832 5 2
932 5 2

Lucky Pick

If you do not have a favourite number, you can play Lucky Pick for a minimum bet amount of RM1. Lucky Pick numbers are randomly generated by our system and are indicated with LP beside it. Who knows, your Lucky Pick number could just be your Lucky Winning Number!!

Box Bet

BOX Bet allows you to cover all permutations of your favourite 3D number. For example, if you play BOX Bet on 228, you cover three permutations i.e. 228, 282, 822. The minimum bet amount for a three-permutation 3D number is RM3.


The number of permutations will depend on your 3D number as categorised below.

Category of 3D numbers Example of 3D numbers Number of Permutations Minimum Bet Amount
All three digits are different 128 B6 RM6
Two of the three digits are the same 228 B3 RM3
Roll Bet

A Roll Bet allows you to roll any digit of your 3D number. For example, if you roll the front digit or R93 (R indicates Roll), a set of ten 3D numbers will be generated i.e. 093, 193, 293, 393, 493, 593, 693, 793, 893, 993. You can also choose to roll the second digit or third digit of your 3D number. The minimum bet amount for a Roll Bet is RM10 as you will have 10 individual 3D numbers generated (maximum roll up to 2 digit numbers).

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