18 Mar 2018 (Sun) - The 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM708,777.30 has been won on System Bets in Perak, Johor and Pahang.

Share System Bet (SSB)

SSB allows you to buy a SHARE of a System Bet to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. Pay only for one SHARE or more, instead of buying an entire costly System Bet (Only applicable to House Share System Bet).

Special features of SSB:

  • Increases your chances of winning the jackpot with more pairing combinations.
  • Makes it more affordable to play expensive System Bets.
  • Allows you to share with your friends to buy a System Bet and each person can hold on to their own share of ticket.
  • Only available at Da Ma Cai!

There are two types of SSB.

House Share System Bet (HSSB)

House SSB allows you to buy one share of a System Bet. You can purchase as many shares as you like depending on how many shares are available for sale. House SSB makes System Bets much more affordable! You no longer need to pool money with other people to buy a System Bet.

Types of House SSB (Lucky Pick only) Available for Sale*

House SSB No. of Shares Bet Amount Per Share
HSSB10 (x 10) 9 RM10
HSSB12 11 RM12
HSSB14 13 RM14
HSSB16 15 RM16
HSSB18 17 RM18
HSSB20 (x 3) 19 RM20
HSSB22 21 RM22
HSSB24 23 RM24
HSSB26 25 RM26
HSSB28 27 RM28
HSSB30 (x 2) 29 RM30
HSSB40 39 RM40
HSSB50 49 RM50
HSSB60 59 RM60
HSSB80 79 RM80
HSSB100 99 RM100
HSSB150 149 RM150

* Types of HSSB available for sale are subject to change at the sole discretion of Da Ma Cai. Please check with your nearest Da Ma Cai outlet on types of HSSB currently offered for sale.

You can also play your own favourite numbers with our HSSB4, HSSB10 and HSSB20.

Player Share System Bet (PSSB)

Player SSB allows you to share with your family, colleagues or friends to buy an ENTIRE System Bet of your choice without having to rely on one single ticket. Select any SSB (SSB4 – SSB480)* that you would like to play on, and buy Player SSB. A ticket will be printed out for each SHARE of the Player SSB purchased and each person can hold on to their own share of ticket. No more worries about who keeps the winning ticket!

* Only applicable to even SSB numbers. E.g. SSB10, SSB12, SSB14, SSB16… SSB22… SSB118... SSB250… SSB318, etc.
* Player SSB must be purchased in full.

How to Win Share System Bet

SSB bets are entitled to win the jackpot based on the number of shares purchased.*

The following are examples of how to calculate SSB jackpot prize winnings:

SSB Wins Jackpot 1 or Jackpot 2:

SSB Type No. of Shares Amount Payable per Share
Jackpot 1 Jackpot 2
SB10 9 RM2,000,000 / 9 = RM222,223 RM100,000 / 9 = RM11,112
SB20 19 RM2,000,000 / 19 = RM105,264 RM100,000 / 19 = RM5,264
SB30 29 RM2,000,000 / 29 = RM68,966 RM100,000 / 29 = RM3,449

* Jackpot prizes are subject to sharing in the event there is more than one winner.

* Examples above are based on the minimum Jackpot 1 amount of RM2,000,000 and minimum Jackpot 2 amount of RM100,000.

SSB Wins 3rd, 4th or 5th Prize:

For every share, your SSB bet can win you RM168 for 3rd Prize, RM68 for 4th Prize, and RM28 for 5th Prize.

Cost Comparison Between SB and SSB
Cost Comparison Between SB & SSB
System Bet Type No. of 4-digit Pairs System Bet (SB)
Total Cost (RM)
Share System Bet (SSB)
Cost per Share (RM)
SB4 6 RM12 RM4
SB6 15 RM30 RM6
SB8 28 RM56 RM8
SB10 45 RM90 RM10
SB12 66 RM132 RM12
SB14 91 RM182 RM14
SB16 120 RM240 RM16
SB18 153 RM306 RM18
SB20 190 RM380 RM20
SB22 231 RM462 RM22
SB24 276 RM552 RM24
SB26 325 RM650 RM26
SB28 378 RM756 RM28
SB30 435 RM870 RM30
SB32 496 RM992 RM32
SB34 561 RM1,122 RM34
SB36 630 RM1,260 RM36
SB38 703 RM1,406 RM38
SB40 780 RM1,560 RM40
SB42 861 RM1,722 RM42
SB44 946 RM1,892 RM44
SB46 1,035 RM2,070 RM46
SB48 1,128 RM2,256 RM48
SB50 1,225 RM2,450 RM50
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